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Kids please visit our new arrivals 2018

there are 2 buck kids, and 4 weathers


None at this time but will have a 3 year old for sale in the fall


2 buck kids please see new arrival page for more information


4 wethers ready to go end of may first of June please see new arrival page for more information

Kid Reservations. Reservations for unborn kids are free. A none refundable deposit is required 7 days after kid is born ( $75.00 for doe or buck/ $25.00 for wether) to reserve a kid please e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know what breeding and doe. buck or wether. You will be contacted after kids are born at that time you are under no obligation.  If you decide you want the kid from that breeding then a deposit will be required.

Pricing for 2018

Does - $300.00- $400.00

Bucks - $300.00-$400.00

Wethers - $100.00 each or 2 for $180.00 or $80.00 with purchase of doe or buck for a companion.

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