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We had thought about getting a milk cow for milk for many years. After the kids moved out of the house and we had more time we thought now would be a good time to get that milk cow. But we realized we really did not have enough room for a milk cow. I asked my husband if it would be ok to get goats for milk. He said goat milk taste bad. But I convinced my husband to go to a Nigerian Dwarf goat breeder to check out goats. He did not have a lot of faith that the milk would taste good. But from the first sip he was hooked and of course I loved the little goats from the first time I seen them. So we started a small herd in Harrisburg, Oregon. Our small herd turned bigger every year and in 2015 we decided if we wanted to keep all the goats we had we had to get a bigger piece of property. We found a place in Sweet Home, Oregon that was perfect over grown with blackberries and rocky and with lots of hills. We now live on 5 acres with our wonderful herd of goats. We enjoy showing them at goat shows and participate in linear appraisals. We would like to get the girls on milk test and plan on doing that in a few years. The goats share the property with 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 alpacas, a duck and a rooster.

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Julia and John Johnson

Sweet Home, Oregon


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Meet the dogs left to right Tucker, Davey, Jasmine, Shotgun We lost shotgun to cancer in 2011 he is missed

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